Recreational activities



Our camping park is directly connected to the cycling and hiking trails of Lake Constance.
  • Minigolf (11 km)
  • Golf (8 km)
  • Sailing- & surfing (7 km)
  • Boat rental (7 km)
  • Bicycle rental (2 km)
  • Horseback riding
  • Fishing
  • Camping park playground
  • Indoor play areas (20 km)
  • Swimming:
      • in Lake Constance with lawn and wheelchair accessible (7 km)
      • direct in the River Aach (not accessible; dogs allowed)
  • Sauna (15 km)
  • Tennis (2 km)


Enjoy regional specialties in the numerous restaurants around Lake Constance

After an eventful day out and about, Stockach’s restaurants look forward to welcoming you. They offer everything from home-style, down-to-earth cuisine to exquisite culinary delights and specialities. The long tradition of hospitality is cultivated in a warm and familiar manner in Stockach. You’ll quickly feel like you’re dining with friends and will look forward to seeing them again. In and around Stockach, there are many cosy inns and restaurants that invite you to stop by. In the evenings, you can go on a culinary journey through the region in good company. Cosy, shaded garden restaurants and restaurants with international cuisine complete the choices on offer. Regional specialities from the Lake Constance include wine, fish, and fruit, the latter often being distilled into high-proof brandies and liqueurs.

Indoor and outdoor pools

Outdoor pool Osterholz
Winterspürer Straße
78333 Stockach
+49 (0) 7771 / 1727

Open May to September

Indoor pool Stockach
78333 Stockach
+49 (0) 7771 / 1757

Open September to May

Hiking trails

Our camping park is directly connected to the cycling and hiking trails of Lake Constance.

Stockach has an extensive range of offerings that invite you the explore the area in and around the city on foot.

Attractive and varied hiking trails around Stockach offer plenty to explore.

Stockach Springs Trails

Interactive Trail Network

The Springs Trails offer an interactive network of trails around Stockach that offer something for every interest: hiking fun with glorious views and lots of fun for the kids as well as useful insights about protecting the biotope around the springs. Two themed trails of 4 and 5.5 kilometres are especially family-friendly. The Stockach Environmental Centre also offers guided tours in cooperation with the City of Stockach. Not suitable for cyclists or those using prams.

Hike to Kuony Springs

  • Lenghth: 4.0 km
  • Change in altitude: 70 m
  • From the station: 30 minutes by foot
  • Start & parking: L194, Freibad Osterholz
  • Shorter trail: K6180, Parkplatz Berlinger Siedlung
  • Highlight: Hans Kuony Springs
  • Possible side trip: caves, outdoor pool

Hike to Peace Springs

  • Length: 5.5 km
  • Change in altitude: 80 m
  • From the station: 30 minutes by foot
  • Start & parking: L194 to Winterspüren, pool lot
  • Possible side trips: pool, Loreto, Osterholz playground

Castle Trail

Hegau Trails

“The Hegau has the greatest density of castles, palaces, and fortifications in all of Germany. In order to make the public aware of what the Hegau has to offer, the Hegau Trails along the western end of Lake Constance and neighbouring Switzerland were set up in 2001”.

From: “Burgen, Erlebniswege Hegau, angrenzende Schweiz, westlicher Bodensee” by Michael Losse.

Two castle trails are signposted around Stockach: Castle Trail No. 14, which runs from Stockach (Hindelwangen) to the Nellenburg and back, and Castle Trail No. 15, which follows a 14 km route from Zizenhausen to Mühlingen and back. A comprehensive brochure describing the buildings and trails and containing a map is availabe for €5.00 at the Stockach Tourist Information Office.

Castle Trail 14

Stockach – Nellenburg – Stockach

Starting point is the church in Hindelwangen (500 m). From there, cross Oberdorfstraße, take a right onto In den Erlen, and right onto Braunenbergstraße. The paved trail leads to the edge of the forest; one can then enter the forest by the field cross. The trail is signposted with the yellow markers of the Castle Trails system.

Castle Trail 15

Zizenhausen – Mühlingen – Zizenhausen

Starting point is the car park below the city hall in Zizenhausen (550 m), located in Zizenhausen Palace. The route is about 14. km long. Yellow signs with castle logo.

GPS-guided hikes

These hikes can be downloaded onto a GPS device or a smartphone.

GPS data to download

Having an active holiday also means doing something for your health. There are many hiking and walking opportunities in the forests around Stockach, for example to prehistoric caves, the ruins of the Nellenburg, and many spots with glorious views of the lake that are guaranteed to bring a sense of relaxation.

Tour 1) Nellenburg 7.3 km
From Hindelwangen around the Nellenburg.

Tour 2) Panorama Views 6.2 km
Starts in Mahlspüren and goes around Raithaslach and back to Mahlspüren.

Tour 3 North Loop 10.3 km
The northern loop takes you from Zizenhausen via Mühlingen and Hoppetenzell back to Zizenhausen.

Tour 4) Heidenhöhlen 8,3 km
Start is at Berlinger Siedlung und heads to the caves and through the Burgtal.

Tour 5) Fools’ Loop 6.8 km
This route runs from the pool via the Kuony Spring through the picturesque old town of Stockach and back.

Tour 6) Around Osterholz 6.6 km
A small loop around Osterholz, starting at the pool.

Tour 7) Nature Adventure 10.2 km
The route starts at the Hertle Orchard and heads through Airach and Osterholz to Winterspüren and back.

Tour 9) Roman Spring and Lake Views 12.8 km
Glorious views of the lake, starting from the Loreto Chapel via Ludwigshafen and Espasingen.

Tour 10) Around Eschenbühl Hut, 6.5 km
Loop with options offering views of the lake and Espasingen.

You can find more about this in the brochure “Hiking around Lake Constance”.

Cycling Trails

Our camping park is directly connected to the cycling and hiking trails of Lake Constance.

Rest & Recreation in Stockach literally begins almost on the doorstep. The city and its districts are embedded in forests, meadows and lots of pure nature. A well-developed network of cycling paths to and around Lake Constance as well as many paths into the idyllic surroundings offer excellent opportunities to get to know the region and its people better. 

Explore the varied and scenic surroundings of Stockach: on a bike tour, alone, with family or with good friends! Cosy country inns invite you to stop for a break.


This trail starts at Stockach Station and ends at Radolfzell Station, using long stretches of the Stockach cycle path.

Four of the adventure cycle paths also start from the station (signposted tours through the upper Hegau and the Hohenfelser Land).

The Seehäslerweg is:

  • family-friendly (secure route, boarding option at the train stations)
  • varied, and runs along the River Aach.
  • The Bierkeller caves carved into the soft sandstone, once used to store beer and supplies, today are used as winter quarters for rare bat species. One cave is a stop on one of our Springs Trails (theme trail 1)
  • The Hexenbrünnele, a contained spring with mill wheel and Vesperplatz
  • and the Schanderied (nature reserve where, with luck, you might see storks)

GPS-guided bike tours

These tours can be downloaded onto a GPS device or smartphone.

A detailed description and GPS data of the bike tours can be found in the Outdooractive tour portal.

One e-bike tour starts in Stockach and heads through Linzgau to Lake Constance; there’s also a leisurely bike ride along the Aach to the lake.

You can find more about this in the brochure “Cycling around Lake Constance”.